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Episode Titleyyyy-mm-dd
s5e1Rise and Shine - Waiting - Sing a Song of Patrick2007-02-19more info
s5e2Born To Be Wild - Best Frenemies2007-03-31more info
s5e3Friend or Foe2007-04-13more info
s5e4Spy Buddies - Boat Smarts - Good Ol' Whatshisname2007-07-23more info
s5e5The Krusty Sponge - Squid Wood2007-07-24more info
s5e6New Digs - Krabs A La Mode2007-07-25more info
s5e7To Love a Patty - Breath of Fresh Squidward2007-07-26more info
s5e8Roller Cowards - Bucket Sweet Bucket2007-07-27more info
s5e9The Original Fry Cook - Night Light2007-07-30more info
s5e10Money Talks - SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget - Slimy Dancing2007-07-31more info
s5e11A Flea In Her Dome - The Krusty Plate - Donut Of Shame2007-08-01more info
s5e12Picture Day - Pat No Pay - Blackjack2007-08-02more info
s5e13Blackened Sponge - Mermaid Man vs. Sponge2007-08-03more info
s5e1820,000 Patties Under the Sea - Banned in Bikini Bottom2007-11-23more info
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